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About the Blogs

What kind of life do you DESIRE?

Life... we all have our own experiences with it... our battles, our sacrifices, our love for it,  even our hate for it.... OUR DESIRE for a full life... a happy life.

The DESIRE to be happy is a journey. A journey that each of us take in pursuit of TRUE happiness. A happiness that fills our hearts and our souls.   

But what does it mean to be truly happy? Happiness is defined differently for each of us... our perception of happiness changes as we take our journey in life... and what we find, how we respond to it and how we grow from it, is what helps define who we are. 

This blog is just that.... a journey of all the things in life that we all may encounter or experience. What makes us laugh, what makes us cry and even what challenges and makes us stronger.... what MOTIVATES and INSPIRES US!

The goal of this blog is to share with you concepts of life that we can all hopefully relate to.... exposing you to experiences, thoughts, challenges and  DESIRES. 

After all, living a life that each of us dreams and DESIRES to live, is a foundation we all share.